Pure Movement After Dark, shortened to PMAD, are blog posts that are quick little thoughts and scriptures posted to keep us in check. It could be a simple scripture, maybe a worship song, or a teaching or a prayer. The point of PMAD is to catch you at a time when your thoughts are not aligning with God’s word or you find yourself struggling to stay on the straight and narrow. It’s  that moment when you want to throw your morals to the side and just give up.

Remember purity is a journey. The journey won’t be easy, the struggle will be so real, so accountability is important. Purity is not a journey we need to walk out on our own. If we want to take strides than we must, must, MUST, have those that we can be accountable to. It is ok if at times you fall but don’t let it deter you! Let someone assist you in standing again and then keep making those moves forward.

It’s the movement (forward) that counts!

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