Featured Writer

This section of the blog is probably my favorite section of the whole entire blog! What is it you ask? Every month during the 1st week of the month ( to start with) there will be a special guest writer featured. Because we are a movement, it would be awesome for us to all see just how much a pure life is changing the world every day. Wether you are still a virgin, celibate, single,dating, or married you will definitely be able to find something here that speaks to you! Making the decision to live a pure life is not easy. I realized that my story is not everyone’s story, but maybe your story is . My hope is that you will see just how NOT alone you are and the impact the decision is that you are considering to make, have made, or will make. Remember…..


*If you would like your story to be shared on here then leave me a message in the “Contact ” area.

**I will put a disclaimer out and say that not every person will be able to be featured but please know that your story is an inspiration to myself and my team!

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