About Me

Hey there!

My  name is Chelsee Wallace. Before you dive into getting to know me I first want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by! This movement could not be made possible with out you and it’s with great hope that you find something here that will encourage, inspire, or comfort you!

So now to get to it! Since I have already given my name I guess I can start by saying that I am a 23 year old servant of the greatest and loveliest God. I tell people I am Naturally serving a supernatural God. Mainly because of my natural hair LOL! I enjoy all the time I spend with my friends and family. I recently graduated from two of the greatest schools ever, The University of Alabama AT Birmingham (Go Blazers!) and The Highlands College which was birthed from one of the greatest churches in the state, Church of the Highlands.

I have always felt that my calling and life mission was to the “next generation”. Which to me is the best calling anyone could have. During a time when the world is so lost and morals are lost with it, it excites me to know that the world and the youth now more than ever is waiting  for someone to answer God’s calling to them. I am so blessed and honored to be among those who share the same calling. Not until recently did God reveal to me that he would have me lead this movement. I honestly fought Him about it. Kind of like Jonah. He told me that my testimony and my ministry would be in three areas. Patience, Overcoming fear, and Purity. I really tried to avoid anything that had to do with this aspect really because I felt like no one would be able to relate to me. I mentioned earlier that I was 23 and for that same amount of time I have, through God’s grace, power, and mercy, have been able to maintain my virtue a.k.a my virginity. The older I get the more I see just how important it is.

In my last semester of Highlands College I was struggling to decide what I would do my applied ministry project on (which was the last assignment for me) and while watching others present their ideas God showed me Pure Movement. I almost couldn’t run from it this time because it was one of only VERY few times I heard God’s voice audibly. Immediately He began flooding my mind with probably not even all that He had planned for this ministry. It was so much I didn’t even realize that I couldn’t see what was going on in the classroom where I was. I was totally engulfed in the images flooding though my head like a movie. From that point on I knew….there was no going back. This, this right here was my ministry.

I hope that you find something, somewhere on this blog that will help you connect to what God believes about purity in your own life. I hope it gives you strength to maintain, and the power to make decisions that will forever keep you at peace!

It’s a movement!

~ Chelsee

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