21 DOE Day 3

As I am sitting here, I happen to be listening to Hillsong Young and Free. At this current moment one of my favorite songs is playing “Gracious Tempest”. Anyone that knows me knows that I love ANY comparison of God to water. This song specifically talks about how God’s love is like a tempest. The more that I think about it the more I promise I love this song. The idea of Gods love being a storm is that it comes when it wants, it drenches everything, it is unforgiving, unwavering, nothing stops it, except itself. That is what God’s love is to us. His love comes wether we want it or not, deserve it or not, need it or not.His love does not hold itself back and everything under it is touched by it. He does not apologize for His love or for what his love does for us ( I mean I’m not mad about that).

Whenever I hear this song I always imagine not just any windy storm but one that is over water. Something that completely surrounds me. I Imagine the wind blowing and the waves raging. I Imagine the rain being heavy drenching drops of water and myself just barely staying afloat. As scary as that might be in real life I can only imagine with God’s love is him upholding me and his love washing and cleansing me. To me it is a beautiful sight, and some how peaceful. When my world is getting crazy this is the image that I imagine and it calms me. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling. Take a moment to listen to the song here.



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