21 DOE:Day 2

One of the things lately that has really been a challenge for me is not letting my flesh or the enemy talk to me. It’s really easy to allow ourselves to listen to all the negativity that spews from our flesh because we are in it every waking/sleeping moment. The enemy does what he can to get his two cents in on top of our already cynical/unsupportive/uncooperative/whinner baby flesh.

We have to get to a place where we tell both to shut up and sit down…. Give them the 411 about who we are, what our purpose is and who is running things because it is definitely NOT them.

I had to really laugh at this picture because it’s like the enemy and my flesh try so hard to get me to feel some type of way that they start getting messy and making mistakes. Which allows me to call their shots very quickly.It is really important to know your word because the enemy can twist it in a way that unless you are paying attention you will let small grammar mistakes catch you up. Sometimes I have to remember that I read the word to meet God there not just to read it. When I meet God there he TELLS me who I am, He tells me what my purpose is. He TELLS me that he loves me and only has great plans for me that are not meant to harm me.
My mindset now is if you are going to come for me trying to convince me that I am anything less than how God designed me…. come correct or don’t come at all.

Just like that, short and sweet. ( might not have encouraged you but it encouraged me.)


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