The Journey: City Gates


In the last blog I forgot to add the key scripture for this series which would be one of the foundational versus of The Pure Movement. The Journey series is based on this one scripture

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct,in love, in faith and in purity

Hopefully you have taken some time to think about what your commitment to living a pure life looks like. The first step or our first location was to get hydrated for the walk through what a pure living life looks like, we did this by connecting or reconnecting our relationship with Christ and what type of companions we should take with us. This week we have made it to the city gates of our being. There are 3 gates that we have to be aware of at all times. So a few things to think about when considering a gate. The first is a gate is not necessary if their is no wall. Gates are a way of entry, they are also a way of protection. The gates help complete a boundary like a wall.

So now lets think about this as our body and  our spirit. We have a natural barrier, known as our skin. We have many “gates” that open up into the body some are entry ways, some are exits and some are for either way. There are many that I could talk about some we really don’t need to if you know what I mean, buuuutt there are a few that I would like to mention that really do have a play on our purity and our spiritual life. These three we have to pay attention to literally every moment because what we choose to let into them or out of them can drastically change our lives! So lets get started.

The Mouth Gate:

I wasn’t really sure what order I wanted to put these in but I think this will work. So This gate is one that allows things in or out. Physically, it is the gate by which we take in nutrients for our body ( or food) to be processed and nourish our bodies to keep it running. It is also the mechanism used to talk accompanied by our tongue. It allows us to connect verbally with the world around us. Its one way we can express our feeling to one another and understand one another.

Spiritually though it is still what gives us life. But here we would understand the weight of our words. Every word we speak is a spiritual word. It affects both physical life, but it also affects the spiritual life as well. Think about it. God created everything with his words and then through Jesus gave us the same ability. Are you tearing people or yourself down or are you building them or yourself up? We tend to be very loose with our words not realizing that we are painting our future, and the future of others. It is super, super important to be aware of the things we say at all times!  In the next gate we will talk about how the words we speak affect us and those around us. At the end of this life we will have to give an account of every word that we have ever spoken both good and bad. Take some time to think about what that would look like for you. What ARE you Saying?

” Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person” Colossians 4:6

The Ear Gates:  

The ears physically is how you connect with the world audibly.  These gates only allows things to come in.They can be used to tell the joy or hurt that someone may be feeling. They can help calm you by the sounds of rain drops hitting your roof or save your life by catching the sound of a horn from an oncoming train. They help us hear the life giving words ” I love you” or the squeal of a happy baby.

Spiritually the music we listen to the things we hear people talk about in the conversations of the friends we surround ourselves with. We would call them our “spiritual ears” they also help us discern God’s spirit and anthers hurting/ broken spirit.

Romans 10: 17 ESV says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

Now this is MY opinion but what I get from this  is that the things that you hear have the potential to become your faith.  If you reverse this verse. The word of God produces hearing and hearing produces Faith. It is a formula. So I don’t believe it is a long shot to say that there are other things that produce hearing but it does not produce the faith that this verse is talking about which really can be linked to love and hope. If what you are hearing  on a daily basis is not honorable, just, lovely,commendable,anything about excellence,or anything worthy of praise, I can pretty much tell you your faith would not be of love and hope…. thats for sure. What ARE you hearing?

The Eye Gates:

Physically your eyes are what help you connect to the world visually ( I’m sure you knew that). They also only allow things to come in. It allows you to gather information about your surroundings. The depth of something, the width of it, wether something is dangerous, or safe, if someone is mad or happy. The eyes have been mentioned to be the windows to the soul. They eyes is one of the more important ways that we connect with this world.

Spiritually the eyes are what we use to determine someone who is hurting deeper than their smile. How we see Gods blessings manifest. The eyes in many way are also what get us into a lot of trouble. The bible says that if we even look at anyone lustfully we have committed adultery. Isn’t that so crazy?! What our eyes take in affect our heart directly. How? think about all the times you have watched a sad movie. How did it make you feel. Maybe think about the first time you see a cute little baby smiling. How does that make you feel.  Your eyes also have a direct link to your mind. So what are you letting through this gate. Pictures or videos of non-realistic images of pornography or the strong and powerful words of our great Lord? What ARE you seeing?

Take some time and think about what you are truly letting into your temple. Then think about what the life around you looks like. My dad always used a phrase with my siblings and I that said ” Garbage in…. Garbage out. Good stuff in….good stuff out.” The quickest way literally to change the route of your purity walk is by deciding what things you are going to let your gates open too. The enemy will try to bombard those gates with his tactics but it is really up to you to make sure to solidify them with the things mentioned in Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

The things we think about are the things we let into either of these 3 gates. This is what the enemy can use to start temptations in your life. So we have to constantly be aware of what we let in. This is probably the most crucial area of this purity walk. If there is a break down in this system you can almost always expect it to reflect in your life. So this week take some time to pray and ask God which of these gates need a little bit of oil and possibly new hinges and locks.



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