The Journey: Destination Pure Living

So now that I feel like I may have gotten your attention. Lets talk about the real matters at hand. I think that it can be hard to go on a journey ill-prepared. How would you know what things that could potentially throw you off the path along the way if no one warns you? I always stress purity as a journey. There are places that we set up, or that the enemy sets up that are meant to throw us off track. My hope is to show you the areas we tend to throw a wrench into Gods plan for us. So I will be taking you on a journey in this next series which is entitled exactly that, “The Journey”.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8 ESV

For the first installment of the series we will be talking about the destination, which is the promise God made to us that the pure in heart shall see the face of God! My goal is to take those who are maintaining purity struggling to remain pure, and those that are making the decision of celibacy all the way back to the streams of water that God resides. Everyone is coming out to the same place. To establish a common ground. That none of this is possible without God! You have to start at the beginning. This walk, and not just the purity walk, all comes down to knowing God and who he is, his plans for you, his purpose for your life. If you don’t know him than this journey will be a LOT harder than what it needs to be. It may be hard with God, but with him comes hope!

So If you have not received the Lord as your savior than we can go no further than that! Everything I say after this is really based on knowing God. So if you are ready to make that decision to begin your ULTIMATE journey than pray this prayer with me:


I thank you for sending your only Son Jesus, to die for the sins that I have committed, because you have loved me so much. Forgive me for trying to do life my own way, with out you . Forgive me for the past sins that I have committed thinking that I was doing better with out you. For so long I have struggled and am now tired. I am ready to trust Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I ask right now that Jesus comes into my heart to be my Lord, my savior, my best friend. That he would  live inside of me and guide me through this life. I give him all control of my life, that he may start living through me.

In Jesus Name,


If you prayed that prayer we are so EXCITED for you! You are now on a new journey! A new path, one that ends in a perfect eternity, one that ends in hope!

So Now that we have all made the decision that we are going to live our lives through Christ we can continue to our destination  of living purely! So as we begin making our way to the city there are some things that we have to think about:


Purity is not just maintaining a sex free life before marriage. It is how you carry yourself as a person, how you think and how you respond to God and those around you. That is why I say that it is a journey, because all of these areas are living they flex and they move based on what may be going on at your life at the time. So it becomes a constant re-evaluation  or a constant walk until the day Jesus returns.The goal is to become consistent. Everyday your aim should be to clean up your life one step at a time. Resisting the temptation to want to do it on our own. Resisting accountability. Also it is not something that you parade around mentioning to everyone. A pure life doesn’t need to be boasted about, it is actually a more humbling experience than it is one to boast about, because more times than not you end up being the server than the served. The same way our Lord was.

Can’t wait to go on this journey with you! Remember it’s the movement that counts!



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