The Law of Day Two (Part 3C)

The last story……

Story9: So Attempt9 happened a few years after Attempt8. I was at work and this guy came in, I was processing his transaction he asked me how I was doing and started to small talk me. Some how we got on  the conversation of what I do when I am not at work. I told him I go to church ( I have gotten in the habit of throwing in Jesus ASAP, because I feel like if that runs you off already then there is no point in me engaging beyond that point unless you are trying to know him), hang out with my best friends and family and yoga. As I was finishing his transaction he ripped the receipt from the printer (Retail Customer DON’Ts 101: BY NO MEANS OR CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU, THE CUSTOMER, RIP THE RECEIPT FROM THE PRINTER UNLESS ASKED TO DO SUCH BY THE ASSOCIATE, NEVER EVER EVER EVER DO THAT!) Literally it makes us furious that people can’t be patient. #RantOver) I mentioned to him that he should never rip the receipt like that which Attempt9 replied ” I am sorry I was really hoping that I could get your number” I don’t really know why I did. I guess I thought it had been long enough that maybe the law of day two would not be a factor. So he mentioned he said he would text me later…which he did.  Attempt9 asked me again what else I did outside of church and my friends. Which I said really thats all I do if Im not at one Im at the other. I did mention I liked being in the gym a lot and he said that maybe I should be his trainer (classic) He told me that he liked the fact that I was real “Down with God” That you didn’t find girls like that too often. ( remember this part of the convo)He said to At some point he said to me “You seem like a don’t kiss on the first date type of girl”, I said thats because I am that type of girl. The first the second  or the third date. He kind of laughed it off so I let it go too ( remember this part also). We decided to set up a date I think for the next day… I had to work so we decided to meet up on my lunch break. We went to the food court ( yes I said the food court, fine dining at the best chicken place known as chick-fil-a), which was awkward. Then we went to the arcade afterwards which was surprisingly pretty fun. As he was walking me back to my job he had his arm around my shoulder. After Attempt8 I was very iffy about stuff like this. Anyway we decided to set up going to the gym after I got off work.

So we went to the gym. Which wasn’t to bad, we worked out on our own. When we were leaving the gym he gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Which made me SO mad because in a previous conversation ( the one I told you to remember) I told him that I was not into  that.He kind of laughed it off. He text me later and asked me what I thought about the kiss he gave me on the forehead. I told him that I didn’t appreciate it but I was going to let it slide that time and jokingly that I would fight him if he tried it again. He began to tell me that he thought that I took this whole “Jesus thing to serious” (mind you before he told me that he liked the idea that I was so involved with Jesus) I told him that it was my life and that I was 100% sold out for God. He said that he wouldn’t be able to do “this” because I took this whole thing so serious that I wouldn’t even kiss him. I was like so basically you are kicking me to the curb because I love Jesus so much and because I wouldn’t let him kiss me??????   His response was that he was kind of a freak ( skiiiiiiiiiirrrrrtttt, have several seats sir, actually have all the seats in the sanctuary) and that he did not mind me but he wasn’t going to be able to not kiss me or something like that. I told him that I was offended that that was all he even pursued me for and he was like I would have kicked him to the curb if  he would have [explicative] me in the car when we went to the gym. I legit almost lost all of my christianity and all of my mind at this moment like when I tell you I was seeing so much red my phone might have actually caught on fire in my hand. I told him that He was not going to disrespect my God,me, or my purity. I said that you would think that someone would  appreciate the fact that I had the perseverance to keep myself for that one person. I told him that he needed to re-evaluate his life and he should lose my number ( the most childish phrase ever lol)  I said more than that but I can’t remember it all, I actually have the screenshots saved in my old phone I am just to lazy to charge it up lol, sorry.Any way his response was pretty childish too ” I already have”.So in TWO days God really shut this one down and I am NOT one bit mad about it!  *sidenote I just recently saw him like a week prior to this post, he was in the mall walking with some girl, with the same shirt on that he wore when we went on our “date” he looked over at me, it took me a second to realize who he was… I just shook my head and continued what I was doing. Good luck to that girl though.*

This situation was the absolute cut off for me on trying with anyone else. Like Jesus from this point on will have to have a big billboard flashing lights, fireworks  a band, or might even have to come from heaven himself to tell me,for me to even probably consider, considering someone.  The reason I shared these stories was not to put these people on blast. I promise, but it is to show you that God, no matter what you do or what outside forces do, will not let his will be tainted. Waiting most definitely sucks but at the same time through all of this I learned that I would rather wait than to continue adding a trail of hearts and headaches. God wrote my story and I just have to let it play out. I know that whatever God has written for me will be greater than anything I could have dreamed of or tried  to make work on my own. God won me over using the Law of Day two. The only thing now that probably worries me is if I should test the law  knowing that anything  he didn’t set up he will shut it down, or do I just do nothing seriously,  knowing that I am supposed to wait and be hidden in God. These situations have helped me really build a wall around myself. So it will really take an act of God to knock me off my feet and to wake up to Gods plan for my relationships.

 “I’m convinced: you can do anything and everything. Nothing  and no one can upset your plans.” Job 42:2 MSG



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