The Law of Day Two (Part 3a)

Alright, I know it has taken me a long time to get to the next one. I would have to admit I have been struggling a little bit. But I am getting back on my game. Any way before I begin I just want to let y’all know that ever since I started this series, the enemy must think that it was funny to allow these people to just randomly just start showing up or contacting me. Isn’t that just like him. I have seen or been contacted by 3 so far. Hopefully it stops there….I am going to post the last few stories in the next three days so that way I can move on to something else going into next week, so enjoy!

Story 7: So Attempt6 was when I just figured out the Law of Day 2 existed. It wasn’t something that I thought about often but it was just something that I noted at the time. Attempt7 happened after high school, during my first year of college. I started off at a community college before transferring to a university. Any way so at this college I ended up meeting a few cool people. My sister and what started out as four of us grew into a group of about….mmmmm…7-8 maybe 10 on some days, if anyone in our group invited a friend that day. The way that Attempt7 was even possible was due to one of the core4 friends bringing him in. Any from my understanding one of them was crushing on the other I honestly can not remember who like who. Over time though they kind of fell off but they continued to be friends. After they fell off it seemed as though one by one he began taking an interest in a different person,including my sister at some point ( this is just my opinion from what it looked like on the outside but I don’t really know what was in his heart so, no judgement) Some pushed away… of course I would be the one to take the bait right…. of course. Anyway I can’t really remember all the details so I will be jumping around a bit.

I remember at some point he met my dad ( he was taking classes at the college as well so every now and then he would come and sit with us. I think he and Attempt7 connected because both loved motorcycles and both served our country) anyway I remember that there was a day that he came to our house and he and my dad spent the afternoon talking about life and church and what not. I just know after that my dad thought it would be a better idea if I just focused on school. I can’t remember how he found out that I was becoming fond of Attempt7 and that we had been talking. When I say talking like, this guy was telling me that he was looking for a wife right now and that he was trying to figure out what he was planning on doing about a job if he would go back to serving the country or to go to another route. Either way he wanted me included in that, according to him. Taking the bait again.

Too make a long story short, and to get to the point. There was one night in particular that he was asking me about prayer and how he was praying for his wife but he didn’t really know how to pray about it. I told him that he should probably be specific with God. Praying about the features that he wanted or that God had for his wife and to reveal it to him using specifics like…. let her be wearing a certain type of shirt was my example. We continued the conversation and then got off the phone. The next day before class, it was toward the end of the semester and I had a test that day. I was running a little late and trying to decide what I was going to wear. I picked out an outfit put it on….and then last minute changed my mind and rushed out the door. Before leaving Attempt7 told me that he wanted to see me before my class. So anyway I get to the campus and he has this crazy look on his face.. I am like dude what is wrong with you? Lol he told me that he was so shocked and he wouldn’t tell me why. It literally bugged me all day and I made him tell me what he was so shocked about because he kept saying it over and over. He asked if I remember the conversation that we had the night before about praying for a wife. I told him that I did. He then told me that he prayed that if I ( yes, me. Chelsee) was his wife that I would come to school that day wearing a blue or green  shirt and denim blue jeans ( similar outfit to whatever outfit he was wearing that day). Do you remember when I said that I was getting ready and last minute I changed my mind. My first outfit was a blue shirt and grey denim jeans…last minute I changed them for blue denim jeans.. He was wearing blue shirt/ blue denim jeans. First, my mind was blown. Second, he believed I was his wife. In my head I was like I guess I am since how you prayed a suuuuppper specific prayer which I aligned perfectly with last minute. We both lost it.

I thought to myself maybe he was it ( if God works that way) I had gotten so infatuated with this guy that I ACTUALLY CONSIDERED THIS TO BE A GOD THING AND IT MOST DEFINITELY was NOT! ( caps were necessary). I  can’t remember how my dad found out about this but he made me shut it down in two days. The first time an external source shut it down. I know God was in it though. I remember just being so mad though because I thought my dad didn’t know him like I did and how could he tell me to end it and to not deal with the guy anymore, and the guy was mad because I was telling him I had to end it because my dad thought it was best ( which he really didn’t need to know)….but I was hard headed and I didn’t want to let the opportunity go if this was “it”. Well looking back on it now I am very thankful that I was able to get out of the situation. I know that I did talk to him on and off and then I stopped. I saw him once, after I transferred to a new college ( its the same one that attempt6 went to as well) we talked and that was it I have not heard from him since. Hopefully after saying that I have been running into people hopefully this one will stay dormant hahaha! So the idea of this situation was marriage it was the first time that I had been considering marriage. Weird I know but it can get hazy when people have included you in their future.

Just because someone includes you in their future doesn’t mean they need to be included in yours. Let God make those decisions, he already wrote your life out so let him design your story!


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