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The Law Of “Day 2” Part Two

I just want to start this post off by saying that I am astounded by the comments that I got back from The Law of “Day 2” Part one. I didn’t even think it would get as many hits as it did.  Anyway I am not going to waste any time jumping in to this second part. The stories for this post will be a little bit longer because they are more recent and involve more details. They are also more emotional for me, these stories are the ones that hurt the most where I really started to understand that God did/does not want me to step off this path that he has put me on. I am excited to believe that after all of these situations that whoever God has for me will be so awesome that it makes all of these stories worth it (even though most of these stories were self-induced,lol).

Story 6: I believe that Attempt6 was the first time that I might have actually started catching on to what was going on. This one was definitely a game changer. This was the hardest and the most emotional situation that I was in. So Attempt6 happened only a few months after Attempt5 we were in the same foreign language class.  We sat on opposite sides of the room. The way that we even began talking was my best friend at the time who sat in front of him thought that it would be funny to give Attempt6 my number. So he ended up texting me. I thought it was a wrong number and they proceeded to tell me one day in class that my number was given as a joke. I was actually mad but I never stay mad long. So at this point we began talking, we were in the same class anyway so why not. Our friendship ended up taking off a lot faster than I would have thought that it would have. I began to talk to my sister about him which we used to do all the time. Obviously, so I would have someone who could see the person beyond my love glasses if it came to that.

I remember that it was about to be spring break and Attempt 6 and I were really liking each other. During the break he expressed that he liked me, he also told me that he had been talking to my sister ( we had this thing where we would each have the numbers to the guys we were interested in for the most part, so we would know them for ourselves, I’m thinking now that it might not have been a good idea but we did it several times after).I was actually kind of mad cause I was actually never gave him her number, she gave it to him. So yes I was mad but I got over it. So after we came back from spring break ( I had gone out of state to visit family), I remember talking to my sister and telling her that I really liked Attempt6 and that he told me that he felt the same way. Weeeeellllll She proceeds to tell me that she liked him too. When I tell you I was mad I was really mad. In my head I’m like why where you even talking to him….he was my “friend”.  Let me just put the disclaimer that I was really naive to relationships that could have actually worked out. You read the other stories so you know nothing worked out for me. I didn’t really know how to understand the details I was just shocked that someone could be so interested in me and seem genuine about it. So anyway after she tells me this I just noticed that there started to be a competition building up between the two of us. I remember walking down the halls and people saying to me that I should be careful, that no one should really be talking to two sisters. Eventually, he told me that he might like my sister but he was really interested in me. I was so shocked, but still stupid enough to pursue it. So to cut this story in half, my sister and I basically were in competition I remember when she told me that she liked him and if he asked her to date him….she would do it. I was like fire hot mad when she told me this. Anyway, so at some point he had tried to date her and then changed his mind, and then he told me he wanted to try to date me well the first time ( yes I said the first time) it only last two days. I was told the reason that he didn’t want to date me was I was too immature (#Rude). Everyone who was on the outside was so mad even his best friend ( who currently I am now really good friends with). A few weeks later I was at my sisters track meet and Attempt6 messaged me and asked  if I would forgive him and that he wanted to try again……. and can you believe I was crazy enough to try it again? I am going to let you guess how long it worked out…………………….two days. 

At this point my dad stepped in and had to remind my sister and I that we were sisters! That we should not let some boy come between us because we are all we had. So we had always known that he wanted to talk to both of us but we found out one day that he was basically sending us the same messages at the same time about how he felt about us. We should have caught on when he would ask us why we told our sister everything. Well first she is my SISTER, why wouldn’t I tell her everything?? Thats when she and I finally decided that we would just confront him. He tried to play it off as if nothing was going on but we were pretty much over it. We both stopped talking to him and then we found out he was talking to another girl…… the same time. It was just a mess. After all of this I did talk to him a few times, mainly because we had class together and I was really in disbelief that the whole situation had even happened. When I went off to college I used to see him all of the time, since we went to the same school. It used to annoy me so bad. After a while though I quite caring. Except this one time that I had to deliver some paperwork for my job at the time to the administration building and I got stuck in the elevator for like 30 seconds. When I got off the elevator I realized who was standing there…. yup Attempt6. I think the elevator stalled so he would be there for me to see that I had finally disconnected completely from the whole thing because I haven’t seen him since.

I was going to add the next story but It would be way to much to read. I know that I should have posted this a while back but I have been super busy! There are still like 3 stories left and I promise they get better and when I say better I mean worse/crazier. I will say that this story started my realization of the Law of day two….. When I think about where it all started THIS is the story that comes to mind every time.  It took 3 more times before I noticed the actual pattern although it has followed me all of my life. I will just say if God is showing you stuff like this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen! There is a reason it is happening. Don’t go through the heartache of continuing on because you think you know better. God will allow you to go through all kinds of circles until you over come, learn patience, or be obedient. I promise.


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