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Ricky and I first wedding was not the typical fairytale wedding.  We first met when I was fourteen and casually talked off and on as the years passed.  After a bad break up on both ends, our paths crossed again in August of 1999.  After three months of dating, we decided to move in together.  After a tremendous amount of pressure from my mother, as well as the guilt of my conscience, we both knew what we were doing was wrong (Act of Fornication). We decided to get married January 15, 2000, only after five months of dating.  Neither one of us was ready to say the least.

After countless years of infidelity on both of our parts, as well as an unhealthy environment for our children, we separated in 2004. We ended up separated for almost a year and was on the verge of divorcing (I was days away from filing the paperwork).   An unfortunate mishap caused us to cordially speak and as time passed we developed what we never experience in the beginning, a friendship. We started dating. Although legally married, we also refrained from sexual intimacy, in order to build a foundation that was not based on sex.

After a few months of rebuilding we decided to move in together. We enrolled in counseling with our pastor and starting working to resolve past hurts through Godly counsel.  In February of 2008, Ricky and I went to a couples function at our church, where they were showing the movie “Fireproof”.  After I literally cried throughout the entire movie, we decided to take on the” Love Dare Challenge”.   After a lot of dedication we successfully finish the forty day challenge and renewed our vows as suggested upon the completion of the book.

Ricky and I renewed our Vows April of 2010. I like to think of it as having two wedding dates. On January 15, 2000, although married in a church, we were immature and weren’t mentally ready for marriage. I was not ready to be the wife that God called me to be, nor was Ricky ready to be the husband God designed him to be.

At the renewal of our vows we were mature, in age, as well as God’s wisdom. We both were ready to pray and intercede on each other’s behalf. We were ready to honor God through our marriage by obeying His word. I was ready to be the submissive wife and allow my husband to lead. We were ready to make God the head of our lives in order to lead our household in integrity.  Although our marriage is far from prefect we are prefect in God and we are prefect for each other.

Ricky and I have a very uncommon love story. Our marriage has survived tremendous trials and tribulations. It is my prayer that through our story, couples that feel as though their marriage is dead will know that with God, time and effort, their marriage can be restored into a healthy union that is unbreakable.

Ricky and Terea have their own Vlog that they post every morning you can check them out here.

I know you guys are waiting on my Law of “Day 2” Part Two but I had to make sure these lovely couples got there stories posted first!



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