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Our Love Story

Have you ever had a moment where you hit rock bottom in a relationship. That is where both my fiance’ and I found ourselves before we met each other.

Before I met Tyler, I was just starting to figure myself out especially spiritually. I was emotionally done when it came to guys. You know how people say they get to their fed up point…that would have been me. I got to the point where I didn’t want to date until I actually made Jesus my number one priority. Every time I tried things my way it failed, so why not try it God’s way. I knew I had to find myself before I brought someone else into my life. With so many failed attempts, I had to make the necessary changes.

While I was “running my own race,” God allowed me to bump into Tyler. I can remember when we first met while we both were working at Target. I had no interest in him whatsoever. And the same for him. We was not each other’s type. We started out as friends first and the one thing I can always remember is the fact that we always talked about God. We both shared our hopes, our dreams, and visions with one another. I saw something different in him. He was like no one I have ever met before. Different. He was a man that was seeking God and not me. I know weird, but it made me fall for him.

We both were so invested in God that when we found a mutual attraction to one another.. Tyler saw things in me that I almost didn’t recognize in myself. He was like no guy I had ever met before. I literally thank God for bringing him in my life when He did.

We became boyfriend and girlfriend and not by any means were we perfect. We started noticing people looking up to us and our relationship. We started to become an example for people. So one thing we committed to was that we wouldn’t have sex before marriage. We were simply going to wait. Yes, we made mistakes in the beginning of our relationship but we made it a priority to remain pure.

There was times we would fast and pray that God would take away any urge or temptation. We changed our mindset by not watching certain television shows down to the music we listen to. By us choosing to make that lifestyle change God has opened us up into a new way of living and actually brought us closer. And honestly we value our relationship way more than if we would have been having sex. Some days were hard, but we made it work by keeping God at the center of our relationship. We chose to do things God’s way instead of our own. We always said that we would be honest with one another and always keep God first.

We had been dating for two years when Tyler proposed to me on December 12, 2015. I couldn’t be happier with marrying my best friend this year. I am honestly marrying the person God had for me. We may not have the perfect situation, but it is perfect for me. But I believe as long as we continue to keep God first our marriage will not fail.

I hope my story can inspire those out there to wait for marriage to have sex. Trust me it is worth it. Doing things God’s way is far greater than your own. Be patient and run your race.

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to look for that someone when all God wants you to do is focus on Him. Stay pure and stay connected to the One who is able to give you far more than you can ever imagine. Ultimately, it all boils down to you having a relationship with Jesus. When you come from a wild background such as myself, God places you in a position where all you have is Him. Don’t allow yourself to get to that point. Life is so much better when you allow God to lead. Everything else will fall into place.

Enjoy from TGR!


Jessica Leads Turnupgirl Reverse  an awesome blog that shows how no matter what your past says you can always reverse your direction!
Tyler leads 5:15 based off of the verse Matthew 5:15 ( go look it up, start at 13 and read through 16  for context, no seriously) Tyler hosts a group that gathers to talk about what it means to be a person and part of a community who shows and knows these traits of Matthew 5:15 ( I really wasn’t kidding). If you’re interested in attending you can follow his page on Facebook where he posts the next meeting dates or get in contact with either of us three ( I am not a leader but I do attend the group, you don’t want to miss them!)



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