February Series: What is Love?

Lol so after I typed this title I honestly could not help but to laugh! Although I was only 1 years old (barely) when the song “What is love come” by Haddaway. It is still a staple to all 90s kids lifestyle. I find myself singing the song at random times always laughing afterwards.

ok I am done with that. As February approaches I realize this is the one time you are either madly in love, or super salty. it’s the season where new love begins and just before cuffing season ends. There are a lot emotions that drive the season and not much of it makes sense usually. If you’re single it can really be a debbie downer…. simply because you have the awareness that HEY you’re single…in case you forgot. between Valentines and prom season I think this is where most of this generation gets tested the most.These two days are days where young girls and guys are considering giving up their virginity because thats what they think they “should” do.

My goal this year is to hopefully shed light on the fact that just because it might be the “thing-to-do” it doesn’t mean that you should do it, and it doesn’t make you any less cool if you don’t. For the older generation prom doesn’t really apply but I do know that valentines day is a big day. It’s the big love day. We believe that this day and just this time period in general means that we need to focus on showing our “significant other” we believe that having sex is a means of showing love..well if you are not married, it shouldn’t be a means and you should not feel offended if your man, or woman is not trying to make moves. If you aren’t married no moves should be made anyway. Our society has made such a big deal about this month and the sad thing is…most of us don’t even know what love is. We have our ideas but we don’t truly understand what it is. So this month we will be looking into What Love is.


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