Purity = Intentional living

So I just left a seminar with John Maxwell , one of the worlds greatest communicators on leadership and adding value to others, His ministry message is about leading an intentional life. I just could NOT help but to think, after hearing him speak, just how much purity is included in that. I think people struggle because they start off good, and I believe that every person wanted to really maintain themselves, but like a New Years resolutions we just stop trying. We give up. We get discouraged.Purity is something that can not be an after thought, which where some of us miss the mark. It must be a front end thought. Proactive instead of reactive.

One thing that I have been dealing with is motivation. My eyes were opened to a different thought though. Motivation is not the thing that starts you, its the the by-product of something that you have started. John Maxwell said it ” Motivation will not strike you like lightning” I know for so many they are looking for the motivation to be pure, instead of just doing. Just be pure. Once you get started on it and you see how things start changing for you, that produces the motivation to continue doing it. I believe that my life is a testament to that, I have mentioned that I myself have messed up but over all the thing that keeps me going and keeps me motivated to keep living this life is seeing all the things that I don’t have to deal with. I am not saying that to boast or brag but I just believe in it. I know that my life in some ways are easier because I am not tied down to the things that I have said to people that broke them, to the things I have done that broke people, I haven’t attached myself spiritually to another person by sleeping with them, and even thought it was hard keeping my faith in God. That keeps me going.

Back to intentionality though, Every day purity is a choice. Intentionality is deliberate, consistent, and willful, and improvement comes from the actions we take. In the bible Paul talks about how he has to die to himself DAILY (1 corinthians 15:31). It is not something that just comes over night, there will be struggle periods but that doesn’t mean that you just give up. John Maxwell started off our day saying “Everything worth while is up hill” I don’t know if you have climbed a literal hill before but if you have then you know it isn’t easy. Your calves burn, you may get short of breath, you may slip and fall, but once you get to the top it is the most rewarding thing that you could have done! You just have to keep pressing keep moving keep trying. Keep being intentional,That leads to my favorite topic that John Maxwell teaches about the rule of 5.

The rule of 5 says this,
If you have a tree and you have an ax , every day you take that ax and hit that same tree 5 times, you put the ax down. The next day you pick up the same ax you go to the same tree and you hit the tree 5 more times, put the ax down. The next day you pick up the SAME ax, you go to the SAME tree and hit the tree 5 more times, Eventually the tree will fall.

So what does that look like for purity?
it means that everyday you are taking steps to de-expose yourself from those things that keep you bound up. Say if it is pornography , instead of sitting in front of a computer screen go outside get some exercise, every time you feel like you need to go and watch that, call a friend. You keep working on it until one day you just don’t even think about it. If it is drugs, every day you cut those people out of your life or wane them off until they are no longer around, but don’t just leave yourself opened, place yourself in an environment of people that are not doing the thing you are trying to get away from, that may be small groups, it may be a new job, it may mean moving away from home. Whatever it is just everyday do something that takes your self away from your triggers.

The journey will not be easy, I know I say that all the time but really it is so true. there will be struggle days, but the best part is that there is a summit and once you get there… everything around you will be beautiful, it will bring you joy, You can sense the greatness of God better.

Remember, It the movement that counts. You have to moving, you have to be intentional, make purity a front end thought. Your purity is not lost, you can still have it. I will not let you get away with thinking that because you may have fallen off that you are unredeemable. You don’t get to say ” I am no longer pure so it doesn’t matter what I do because I can’t get it back, so I will just do what ever I want to do.” Nope. You don’t get to say that.I charge us that from this day forward we are going to be front end thinking of ways that we can be intentional about our purity in all areas of our life!

Keep Moving!


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