PMAD: no distractions

First,Happy Thanksgiving! I know many of us will be with our families. Usually this can be a time where we just let everything go. We want to fit in so bad with our family that we tend to through our goals to the side to please them instead of being the black sheep. 

Don’t let you’re family be the reason that you let purity slide. Yes, they may not understand why you are choosing to be on the purity journey but don’t let that deter you, instead stand your ground and be a light! You have come this far. You know your personal boundaries, stick with them. So what if you’re not the coolest at grandmas house at least you know that at the end of the day you haven’t compromised yourself. Try to refrain from the family gossip, drinking, smoking and sex talk. Be eloquent in you’re speech, explain your faith, conduct your self with humbleness and be proud of your journey to purity. 

PMAD question of the night:

What’s stopping you from setting boundaries when it comes to being around your family?


Daddy, thank you for this day. We are so excited to be with our families for the weekend! We ask that you help us to set boundaries with our families that will help us avoid compromising our purity. God give us a way out when it seems we are being trapped. Let us be humble and non-confrontational,allow the family gossip to bother us so much so that we walk away from the talk. Let your light shine through us so that we may be a light for our families and lead them to you. Remind us of your love so that we may extend the same love to our families and allow us to forgive any past hurts that we are holding on too from family members. God we love you and we thank you for all the amazing food we will get to eat! In Jesus name, Amen!


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